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Copyright Policy

Do not copy, repost or sell the artist’s artworks.

Do not use artworks, photographs from this website without the artist’s consent.

Please send a message concerning the usage of any assets on this website.

Images that the website do not own will have credit or disclaimer noted in the post.

Commissioned & Bought Artworks

Commissioner must clearly discuss with the artist the terms of use of the commissioned art.

Commissioned artworks are posted on Lazy February’s official social media accounts by default with mention@ and disclaimer unless it is requested to be private by the commissioner.

Buyer/Commissioner must not reproduce, use to earn and/or resell any of the artist’s works.

Privacy Statement

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Partnerships and Collaboration

This website accepts partnership and collaboration from a company, product or individual given that it is in accordance with the core values of this website.

This website values and prioritise honesty and integrity. Expect that reviews and opinions expressed regarding places, experiences, or products under the agreement will be made with authenticity.

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